Wednesday, September 2, 2009

all about music

Image and video hosting by TinyPicI love music, I enjoy singing and dancing even I am not gifted in these areas. It is always my pleasure to hear beautiful and groovy music. My appreciation towards music is boundless from love songs, ballad, pop, r&b to rap, and alternative rock as long as I like the tune and it pleases my ears.
I had learned playing the guitar (few and uncomplicated chords mostly) I'd like to study songs with simple chords, apparently its easier to learn. hehehe.
Updating myself with the current songs recently is getting quite impossible as I don't have the time to listen to any local fm station and I no longer have the chance to watch the weekend countdown on MTV or Myx channel. So, I thought I could create a blog which exclusively revolves around music . . . various countdown lists which are informative for everyone, especially for those who doesn't have the chance to be updated with the current music waves on air nowadays ....

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